Letters to the Home

LETTERS TO THE HOME is a collection of poetry that seeks to explore family, memory, mental health, sexuality, grief, and trauma. The poems, ranging from four lines to a hundred, sliced in parts or told as one, stream-of-consciousness or slowly shaped, tell a story of grief and reconciliation. In these poems, cars almost crash, letters are never sent, odes are composed, and memories are unearthed.

Achingly personal and stripped bare, LETTERS TO THE HOME is an examination of what it means to grow up mentally ill; to reconcile memory with fact; and, at the center of everything, what it means to lose a sibling.

Online poetry

You can read my poetry online in a few different places:

“ALBINO” – Chapter 16

“A POEM ABOUT GLASS” – Nashville Arts

“MASOCHIST” – 2020 Catherine B. De Pau Poetry Prize

“AFTER THE RAIN” – Red Noise Collective

Slam Poetry

I used to do a lot of poetry slams as a teen! Most of them I don’t have videos of, but here are two notable performances.

Performing “Sunflowers” at the 2017 Nashville Youth Poet Laureate final slam.

Performing “1 A.M.” at the Nashville School of the Arts 2018 graduation at the Grand Ole Opry.